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Posted By:eXigy

Old Comments:

2011-04-18 11:47:07
I'll huff,,,and I'll puff,,,and I'll blow your house down. Said the big bad wolf one day. The captured effects of the wind in this photo only brings my memory back to the Three little pigs and of course the big bad wolf. Very interesting wouldn't you say.
2008-01-20 15:30:38
I agree. No secrets.
2008-01-19 04:00:39
I don't have a problem with photoshopped images as long as they are tagged as such. I think to not tag it as such is deception.
2008-01-19 01:02:07
Personally I care about what is real and what is not. If you don't, that's fine. However, I appreciate it when people tell me whether it is or not. I don't think everyone would have noticed that it was photoshopped, so I pointed it out for them.
2008-01-18 14:10:07
I don't understand people's obsession with pointing out images are photoshopped? The poster did not assert that the image was real. What difference does it make anyway? "post any cool image you have encountered on the internet"
2008-01-18 11:33:49
Agreed. P'shopped
2008-01-18 08:10:02
nope. Clearly photoshopped. Look at the tree to the left, not to mention that the air is very clear and that the grass is totally unmoved.