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Old Comments:

2009-01-01 14:33:16
The landing gear control valve is obviously channeling more fluid to the left landing gear than the right. They should be synchronized.
2009-01-01 12:54:25
This is a nice pictue. As for voting on comments, I have the same problem; it doesn't register.
2009-01-01 00:47:39
The new comment appears to come at the top when the comment section for a picture has been 'dormant' for a certain length of time.
2008-12-31 21:41:20
Same thing happens when I vote on comments..I seldom do, though, so hadn't noticed till you mentioned it...guess the folks who run this thing are still working the bugs out...won't complain because despite the annoyances and childish fussin' and such I still enjoy the photos immensely....don't recognize the airplane, though it looks like a WW II fighter..keep 'em flyin', Ms P !!! Long may you wave !!
2008-12-31 21:30:43
I deliberately posted 2 of the same because I was experimenting with 2 different methods of retrieving the pic from the site with a view to determining which method would produce a clearer copy. - Someone just bumped the duplicate off, that's all. - It's a great pic; do you know what the plane is, Patito? P.S. Are you able to vote in comments? When I click on the vote button, the whole 'voting line' disappears, and when I check back, no vote. Bummer.
2008-12-31 21:11:27
Hey..there it is...halelujah..guess it just takes a little time to move from section to section..anyway, am happy to see this shot salvaged from obscurity.
2008-12-31 21:02:51
Used to be that a comment would move a photo out of the 'Adult' or 'inappropriate' section and into the comment section. Not any more. So this interesting photograph is buried out of sight among the unspeakably boring, repetitive, redundant and pedestrian girlie photos posted by and for adolescent wankers.
2008-12-31 20:51:21
This photo was in this morning's 'Adult' section..perhaps the pilot is flying nekkid? Perhaps there are some really stupid assholes visiting this website?