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2009-05-10 05:26:54
What will he do with his slippers when he is upstairs (when he succeeds in his try of course) ? He will be forced to return downstairs to put them down But then he has to go upstairs again but this time on his bare feet But thats is not very hygienic. And he can also get a cold with his bare feet on these iron stairs The best thing would be that he puts socks around his feet And once upstairs he can pull them off Give its to the lady And she can then easily put them The smart reader will certainly notice that it could also be otherwise done That is to say The lady puts the socks not down But she goes upstairs with the socks in her hands of course That is of course also not very hygienic But is still more closer by the reality The rest you can and you have to guess yourself Because such things they never tell in ads
2009-04-25 11:41:13
Suspence. But THE REST perhaps later. Now its too late
2009-04-24 07:30:43
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