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Posted By:epiphannyy

Old Comments:

2008-07-05 11:39:18
so heartbreaking. poor things.
2008-05-19 04:05:46
Excuse me, I mispelled your name. Epiphannyy.
2008-05-19 04:04:12
epipfannyy: This same picture was posted by noname and got 247 votes. It was also posted by jorge as "Incendio Forestal", which got 167 votes. If you happen to wonder why you're getting negative votes, now you know. Our voting fingers can walk no more. It does not detract from the beauty of the photo.
2008-05-18 03:35:59
I've wondered the same thing. My theory is that the deer are more afraid of the man (photogr) on one side than of the fire on three sides. Where the man is, that is the only way out. Sad, indeed.
2008-05-16 03:08:41
every time i see this pic i wonder why the deer don't run away from the fire. nowhere to go? this pic always makes me sad.