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Old Comments:

2009-11-19 20:38:45
You are very welcome, Danis.. :)
2009-11-19 08:33:14
You are very kind PictureGirl, thanks again!
2009-11-17 21:24:44
You are welcome, Danis. I understand about the search and time thing. I've just started to look up the pics with a search and it does help alot with not reposting the pics again. I'm so sorry that you have so many problems in your life. I hope that you will be ok soon. Take care... :)
2009-11-15 18:47:53
I understand your feelings Danis, but just by searching with the photographer's name or key words takes seconds. You may not have time to do that. But, neither do most of us have have the time to look at the same photos over and over again because someone does not want to take the time. Just my thought.
2009-11-15 17:27:52
Thank you PictureGirl, as I said few days ago to Connie,I don't have the time every day to search for every picture I post here. We have so many problems in our life and I think Pixdaus is a place to go away from them for a little...Now if we start to have angst and embarrassment even here, then it doesn't worth...
2009-11-15 11:31:03
LOL, Danis!
2009-11-15 10:21:38
Never mind Danis. Still a great pic and I loved looking at it. Made it one of my favourites. Thankyou for posting... :)
2009-11-15 10:05:30
Kill me...
2009-11-15 10:01:19
Thought it looked vaguely familiar, poppy.. :)
2009-11-15 09:53:33
5th pic on the list if you search with Meshkov.