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Old Comments:

2010-05-23 22:53:21
My uncle has that DVD, the one where it stars Basil Rathbone. I've never seen the film myself. That's an interesting piece of info you've given to us, Gabrielle. Many thanks for letting us know... :)
2010-05-23 17:56:11
i have also discovered that a "ghost dog" which was said to haunt the ridge was part of the inspiration for "The Hound of the Baskervilles".
2010-05-23 17:13:11
Thankyou Jujuba and Gabrielle. I'll be sure to take a look at his other photos.... :)
2010-05-23 14:56:25
One of a series of photos of the Offa's Dyke walk by Ingo Ronner - many other beautiful pics in his Photostream at flickr.
2010-05-23 14:56:16
No, itīs definitely not a painting - in his portfolio at Flickr he says he doesnīt know how he was able to get so close to the horses. Itīs dreamlike ;-)
2010-05-23 14:40:23
That's what I thought too, Jujuba. I took a good, hard, long look at it and couldn't make up my mind if it is or not. Maybe the photographer did something to the picture to give it that effect....
2010-05-23 14:34:46
Looks almost like a painting :-)
2010-05-23 12:38:06
Many thanks for that, Gabrielle. As to what area is in the background, perhaps this link will help with that...
2010-05-23 12:30:43
A very nice picture, looks like Dorset in the background.
2010-05-23 12:26:49