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Posted By:Wild Hog

Old Comments:

2011-09-26 05:09:42
Many thanks for the explanation about the plastic tag, Porky McSwine. That's very interesting. You can see I'm more familiar with the city, even though I was born in the country areas of Victoria, Australia. I only lived in the country for 2 years, then moved to Melbourne....
2011-09-26 05:07:22
Just like I said, Alda. I looked at the picture again after I said that I hoped that it was photoshopped and saw that the scarf the pig is wearing, just doesn't sit right on the pig's head. Also too, the sunglasses, scarf and cigarette look much sharper than the other parts of the picture do. You can see that they have been added on. When I asked the question first up, I did not look at the picture properly. I apologize for that. Thankyou Alda....
2011-09-26 04:52:00
Picturegirl you said: I hope this is photoshopped. Then smashs answered you that it is not photoshopped. You replied then that you know that this pig is not wearing those things. Why did you say then that you hope that it is photoshopped if you already knew that it was edit? And further that is not the point. Smashs tried to make clear that when someone edits a picture it not necessarily means that it is photoshopped. There are many others tools to edit a photo like for example retouching a photo without photoshop. It is evident that this picture here is not the original photo but it is neither photoshopped. Do you see the difference now?
2011-09-26 03:45:15
That's an ear tag. On the other side of the ear there's a plastic tag about the size of a playing card with a number on it. What you're seeing is the part of the tag on the inside of the pig's ear. Tags are how farmers keep track of animals like pigs and cows when they have too many of them to recognize them as individuals. They used to cut notches in animals ears, and of course cattle were often branded and still are in some parts of the world. Ear tags are a simpler, easy to attach and remove, and arguably more humane than cutting notches in the animal's ear. And it probably doesn't hurt any worse than having your ears pierced. I agree that cigarettes are bad for pigs and people, and in fact I've known only a few pigs that smoked. Most of them prefer chewing tobacco..
2011-09-26 03:03:14
Thanks for the explanation, smash. I know that this pig isn't really wearing those things and is smoking, because they just don't look right on the pig. I'd still like to know what that is on it's ear though. Does anyone know ?
2011-09-26 02:12:22
Is not photoshopped PictureGirl. It is a simple collage.
2011-09-26 01:30:37
I hope this is photoshopped. I think it's awful to make a pig have a cigarette in it's mouth. Also, I was wondering what that is in his left ear ?