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Old Comments:

2009-02-28 21:24:15
Whoever told you that was witty was being nice.
2009-02-26 23:32:21
the obama/biden sticker goes quite well with the dummy under the truck being uninformed.... I mean unsafe
2009-02-26 22:16:11
It's a wonder a lot of us are still alive, Abe....back when I was farming and building fences and a lot younger and dumber I had an old 9 N Ford tractor with a dinky little post-hole driller on the back end of get it to work sometimes I'd have to throttle up, let it drop down, then stand up and put my weight on the auger frame and kinda jump up and down on it to get it to dig me the willies today to think about that..
2009-02-26 18:22:41
this picture remind me on witty: The woman has a problem for every solution!
2009-02-26 17:49:58
2009-02-26 15:19:30
I would not recognize a Dodge if it ran me over. Do you mean the pic 8th from the top? I don't see anything 'special' added... the pic's too small.
2009-02-26 14:46:07
I added something special the the pic with the guy under the Dodge for my good friend Patito
2009-02-26 14:42:39
And sometimes we get killed trying to get the job done.
2009-02-26 14:41:25
"Why women live longer" because we guys do a lot of dumb and unsafe stuff at work. But we don't think of it as unsafe. We just think of it as getting the job done.
2009-02-26 14:40:32
Oh. Thanks. But what about the "Why women live longer"?
2009-02-26 14:38:41
The two guys in the third from the bottom picture are pounding in a 9'X 1/2" copper grounding rod. Their not hard to pound in, it's just the first two to three feet that are way over the average dudes head while standing on the ground. That's why we need to stand in the bucket of a tractor. When you don't have a tractor handy I have found that standing on the hood of your pick-up truck will also work quite well.
2009-02-26 14:30:32
"Why women live longer" - just noticed your caption. Please explain. ;-)
2009-02-26 14:29:14
What, exactly, is it that they're doing in that pic?
2009-02-26 14:26:45
Third from the bottom. My brother and I were doing something similar with the Kubota just last week.