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Old Comments:

2009-07-10 03:12:14
No! I'm not thinking that! BDW: I always vote 1+ or I don't vote at all.
2009-07-10 03:05:21
@beverly "You can't expect all people to like your choices; they are your choices." Yes that's right. I agree. But these "choices" were already loved by a lot of people! They were ALL popular!!!! But suddenly 60 (!) of them were downvoted IN A FEW MINUTES!!!! That's voting against an uploader (me) and not because these pics are offensive or strange or whatever! But I will upload more pictures and the downvoter can do his job if he like. He is just a little coward! :-)
2009-07-09 19:14:52
entirely agree, beverly. voice of reason, at last.
2009-07-09 14:51:35
Just want to add my 2 cents' worth. There are three ways of evaluating photos. The up-or-down vote, flagging as inappropriate, and commenting. If all three are used as intended, no one should get unfair votes. That is: 1) Use up-or-down vote to evaluate the quality of the photo; 2) Use flagging as inappropriate when the photo content is objectionable (think: too explicit for young eyes); and 3) Use commenting to express opinions. For that one, I think compliments and criticisms are both welcome--but criticism doesn't have to have an ugly attitude. Logan5, some of your photos are beautiful, some are artistic, some are strange. You can't expect all people to like your choices; they are your choices. If I were to evaluate you on the present photo, I wouldn't want to see any more. But I know you have posted good ones as well.
2009-07-09 09:12:28
Now it sounds that you think that I am one of these downvoters and now complain on rating of pictures... Hope you don't really think that!!!
2009-07-09 05:26:49
Uf... sorry but English language is not my first language. I agree with you completely. I was trying to add a thing that make me angry. Same people who downvote users complain on rating of pictures. First downvote picture and when forget what they did and why they done that, complain to the rating of the pictures!
2009-07-09 03:45:09
Thanks to all who upvoted my pics back!! @Much Sorry, but I don't understand your comment. You wrote "You can downvote people to discourage from posting" but you wrote also "People should vote for picture not for the people". Isn't that a conflict? But I agree that people should vote for the picture not for the uploader. But they also should not vote AGAINST an uploader! (And that's happened here!) Anyway... Thanks for voting my pics back! Do it for other downvoted users too when you see it!!!
2009-07-08 18:14:29
You can downvote people to discourage from posting. You have every right to do that. But then you have not right to cry that is voting system here fucked up. People should vote for picture not for the people. That is my opinion.
2009-07-08 13:39:52
Actually, I use such sites as Pixdaus as part of my work, and have seen others here who would like to be able to stroll through it at their convenience while at the office. Therefore, WE say we're supposed to. Secondly, I've seen plenty on Pixdaus, sadly, that some of the morally inept call "tasteful nudity" that was nothing more than porn. Keep the site to what it says it is--nature photography. There are plenty of other tacky corners of the net that you and your ilk may haunt.
2009-07-08 12:24:57
zogekdeze posts stupid offensive crap.
2009-07-08 12:22:58
This comment was for zogekdeze.
2009-07-08 12:22:03
I do not have a small mind but you post the most obnoxious garbage. You are DELIBERATELY trying to be offensive with awful pics and ignorant nasty tags. I know you can pick a good photo since every once in while you put up a string of them. Then you come up with junk just to try and shock people.
2009-07-08 12:17:10
Whoever said this was a site you're supposed to able to use at work? Aren't you supposed to be working at work rather than surfing through photos? And Logan5 may have some nudity but they are a far cry from porn. There is plenty of that in the 18+ section. Maybe you should look there so that you can learn the difference between hardcore porn and a tasteful shot of a beautifully done nude.
2009-07-08 11:09:49
Logan5: I like many of your shots, and have downloaded at least one (girl in sunflower field). I see, however, that many of your shots have been moved to the porn area. Though I don't know that any have been yours, ANY time I come across nudity/porn I flag it, partly since this is supposed to be a site I can use at work. If your porn shots were flagged/downgraded, you deserved it. If it was others shots, you likely didn't.
2009-07-08 08:53:46
Getting no votes is one thing, but when the "snooty" downvoters attack, it only serves to discourage people from posting. If I like a pic enough to post it, then why does your opinion as a downvoter count more than my opinion? Art is in the eye of the viewer and downvoting is just a way of trying to make yourself feel superior. Constructive criticism is helpful...anonymous negative judgment is not.
2009-07-08 07:15:39
Guys you are right, the" strange" is that our pictures get votes the next days after we post them and not the first day. We will go on,as much as,we can stand.....
2009-07-08 06:52:17
@zogekdeze your pics were downvoted cause you have the worst taste in history!!!
2009-07-08 06:25:02
It's really strange, if I post 4 pics and go back in 15 minutes......all of them will be in the negative territory! My philosophy is that if I like a pic enough to download it from here, it's gets my 3 points. And will sometimes vote for a pic that is in minus territory just because it's a new poster or something like that...We should encourage all the newbies to keep comming back! I will downvote if the pic offends me personally, or if it's just distastefull (maybe a really bloody scene or something) or a political statement that I disagree with :) ..... other than those, post away, but thats just me. By the way, found this pic distastefull but since it's about this subject no downvote ....grin
2009-07-08 06:17:17
I think i have the most downvoted pics, what tells more about the small thinking minds of the downvoters than of my pics. I'm laughing about the downvoters, they are losers without something better to do than to downvote. Default all my pics starts with -3 so i think the moderator of this site is the biggest downvoter of all.
2009-07-08 06:06:51
It would be nice if the downvoter himself could answer me, instead of downvoting me (and others!) and than hiding away like a coward!
2009-07-08 04:57:03
Is there a reason for downvoting nearly 60 of my pics out off the popular section? (Only in the last two days!!)