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Old Comments:

2008-11-29 06:50:37
"WHY?"?!? it's called TROLLS, idiot. welcome to the internet.
2008-11-28 13:13:42
It is also amazing that one and the same picture has different ratings... And that some of the 'just another landscape, just another building' reach 30 and more ratings???? To comic book guy: it is easy to open another account or vote anonymously. Just go to Pixdaus and don't log in, voila: you can vote. Today, I went back to where I left last time, page by page, and I voted for a picture where I know I had voted last time. So there is the possibility of voting several times! Unfair, but reality. It is a shame that - as They vanish too quickly said - that we don't get to see some of the pictures. I also think there is some competition going on here. I am not here about the points, but to view good photographs which actually are getting more and more scarce. And with some photos I really think that people are not looking at the photos from the "art" point of view but what is shown IN the photograph. "This is a beautiful castle, so I vote for it". Otherwise I cannot explain these excessive ratings for some photos which are plain flat and come by the thousands. Real photographic art and very interesting findings get lost in this stream.
2008-11-21 21:48:37
It not just about being popular -The downvoting makes some very good and interesting pics drop off and we never get a chance to see them.
2008-11-21 17:59:35
Another example: two of my latest uploads get (very quickly) +4 votes. Suddenly only these two pics were voted down to +3 so they can't reach the popular status. Only these two pics were voted down! Not my other pics around! Perhaps the downvoter don't want other people to upload good pics, I don't know... But what I see is that one uploader get ALL of his pics very quickly and constantly over the "magic" +5 votes! Perhaps you all know who it is...
2008-11-21 17:18:15
But why is voting such an issue? Do people post pics to this sit for others to enjoy or just to be popular?
2008-11-21 17:08:36
I think it's not about voting pictures in general! In the last days pictures were massive and systematically downvoted! Some pictures were in the "popular"-section with e.g. +7 votes and were downvoted in a few minutes (!) to -2 votes. My question is: how is this possible? Who is able to vote so often for one pic? All of us can only vote once for a pic per day. So, this is a sad manipulation!
2008-11-21 17:01:50
Define 'good'. What's good for some is bad for others.
2008-11-21 13:22:43
...but what explains the downvotes for the good pictures?
2008-11-21 09:22:14
I've only been viewing the pictures here for a month and things are changing with regard to quality and that might be the reason for the down votes
2008-11-20 11:17:56
cuz there's too many juveniles getting their hands on pc's - if i don't like a pic I don't vote - which includes the majority of pics by far - I vote only for the ones I like.
2008-11-20 03:10:10
I've been voting down some, such as: Very small pictures. Pictures of kittens. (What Cutterman said above) Political pictures. Black and white pictures (Unless they're very good) We live in a world of color, and I don't see any reason for black and whites. I try to be fair when I vote. I hope others will too.
2008-11-20 00:34:49
'Cos a lot of the pictures are neither artistic nor interesting, just plain boring. One fluffy kitten is cute, 100 fluffy kittens......
2008-11-20 00:31:17
It may be that some pictures/photos are not appealing to some people. I, for example, do not like the photos that are not clear or are not in focus although others may like those pictures. I also do not like photos of insects.
2008-11-19 23:58:10
Really good question! Pics were voted down from +5 to -2 for example! All of my last uploads were downvoted like that. And from other users too. But who is able to voted seven times?? Or is it a "Voting-Mafia"???
2008-11-19 23:28:56
I think it is connected with the politic of most popular photos. If someone want to get to the "Top users of the House of Pixdaus" I guess that is very likely down voting to all others. As you can see if some one get -8 votes the next day that picture are erased. I think it's very sad.
2008-11-19 23:19:52
...good question...