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Old Comments:

2010-04-23 11:40:17
Someone is putting photos into my favourites gallery and I'm not too sure who it is. I would never put a picture of Daffy Duck into there. I've had this happen to me 3 times already. When I try to find the photo to take that out of my favourites, I cannot seem to find it there. It should be the first photo. But it is missing. Just wondering what's going on, that's all... (?)
2010-04-23 09:42:44
Why a duck? Because of Canard l'Orange, of course.
2010-04-23 08:34:23
"Why a duck ?" ..... Are you the little duck ? :-)
2010-04-23 08:06:15
I meant "See my comment under photo....."
2010-04-23 08:05:37
See my photo with caption To Picture Girl: Mandarin Duck