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Old Comments:

2011-11-13 02:02:10
I definitely smell a rat at work here hmmmmmmm
2011-11-12 22:57:56
To confuse matters more, there are such animals as the Tibetan Rat-Like hamster ( and the Winter-white Russian Dwarf Hamster (also known as Rat Hamster).
2011-11-12 20:23:47
Exactly! Now you can contact Pixdaus to have the title amended..................................just kidding :)
2011-11-12 13:14:11
cute albino tibetan snow white siberian rat!
2011-11-12 07:35:05
Not just any cute rate - it's a cute albino rat (see his pink eyes)
2011-11-12 06:47:50
all right,rat,.cute rat,thanks,.
2011-11-11 20:22:36
Tibetan Snowrat
2011-11-11 19:57:43
It's not maybe, it's a cute rat
2011-11-11 12:57:42
may be,.any way thanks,.
2011-11-11 12:18:31
That's not a hamster but a white rat. Still, cute :)
2011-11-11 09:04:37
so cute!