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Old Comments:

2011-12-01 13:54:32
Don't I know it.... :(
2011-12-01 12:52:19
It's a risky business to give compliments here because almost every time when someone does it, a troll emerges to dampen the spirit of friendliness. :(
2011-12-01 07:57:08
Poppy dearest its not polite to compliment yourself. But everything else is so perfect and wonderful about you.
2011-12-01 07:04:58
your welcome everybody,.and you In Love with Nature,i love your pics!:)
2011-11-30 17:22:36
Refreshing indeed....nice to to see one Class Act saluting another ! Halex and ILWN are always top notch ! More...More....More !!!!
2011-11-30 16:00:49
Refreshing to see a compliment about a picture and not an attack on the poster. Halex, you provide some of the very best nature photos to the site and long may you continue to do so. Thanks! :-)
2011-11-30 12:29:24
Wow. Lovely bird, Halex :)