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Old Comments:

2009-11-25 12:03:10
You've done it again, poppy. I'm totally amazed.. :)
2009-11-24 12:42:23
You are very welcome, Connie. I'm not too sure what these white flowers are. They're a little bit far away and not easily recognised. I think that poppy would know what they are though. To me, they look something like a daisy or maybe like Nemophila insignis.But then again, I could be wrong on this...
2009-11-24 12:27:13
I have saved it for a desktop...along with dozen others. But, I tend to stick to one...the one you also had as a desktop skip...snow, trees, water, sunlight.
2009-11-24 11:07:58
Try it as a desktop Connie, and PG, it's even more gorgeous! and it really lights up, it's not dark like I thought it might be.
2009-11-24 10:22:33
Thanks ladies...I just wish I knew what kind of wildflowers they are.
2009-11-24 08:46:24
I second what PG, said, this is gorgeous! I'm thinking possible desktop.
2009-11-24 07:50:44
How gorgeous is this place ! now I'd really love to take a walk THERE !! :) Thanks for the pic, Connie...