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Old Comments:

2010-11-21 12:07:27
It does happen sometimes...about three weeks ago also. I just know their site on flickr...they do good photography.
2010-11-21 10:46:52
Interesting Connie, with over 700 John&Fish bird photos to choose from, that we both chose the same one. I have posted several John&Fish bird photos over the last week and have several more that I have intended to post. I think I will go ahead and post them today. I am not sure about flickr, however John&Fish have a great website of their own where they provide a lot of information about the photos and the birds.
2010-11-20 15:34:08
Are you peeking in my photo files Big Bird?;-) I was going to post this photo in a couple of days. John&Fish have some nice photos on flickr.