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Posted By:kev

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2009-02-17 02:57:22
Before I posted my comment, I tried to remember Karen Blixen's name so I could mention that, but I drew a blank. She was also a fascinating character. As for Markham's flying record (September 1936), I got the information from the book's jacket. I had a book, I can't remember the book's name nor the author's, about Beryl Markham. I think that's where it was mentioned that Beryl Markham may not have written the book - it was not her style. I lent it and never saw it again. That happened a few times. Now I don't lend my books out. Anyways, it's one of the most beautifully written books, at least from my point of view.
2009-02-16 17:26:23
You may not believe this, but when I saw a picture of a flame tree here yesterday (or was it the day before) I thought of the Flame Trees of Thika! I saw the series in the UK, but I have never read any of Elspeth Huxley's books. The series have seven hour-long episodes and those have been released in DVD, so that's next on the list... Thanks for giving the name of the author!
2009-02-16 17:13:05
You and I read the same books: I also found Markham’s book fascinating. I read it years ago when I still resided in England. Markham was quite a gal, had kind of itchy feet and had affairs all over the place (even while married; in once instance with the Duke of Gloucester, the son of George V). She was a friend of Karen Blixen (remember the movie Out of Africa?) and began an affair with Blixen’s lover Denys Finch Hatton also. – I am sure you have read Blixen’s books, she wrote under the name Isak Dinesen. Great stuff. By the way, the Atlantic east-to-west solo non-stop flight record belongs to Scottish pilot Jim Mollison, who attempted to fly from Dublin, Ireland to New York City in 1932. Low visibility forced Mollison down in New Brunswick, Canada, but he was still able to claim the Atlantic east-to-west record. Markham’s flight was in 1936. I have to read West with the Night again, if I can find it in my country’s library system.
2009-02-16 12:04:31
That reminds me of Beryl Markham who went to East Africa with her father as a child in 1906. She became the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic from east to west - taking off in England and crash-landing in Nova Scotia 24 hrs and 25 mnts later. She wrote the national bestseller 'West with the Night'. Some say she did not have the capacity to write such an incredible book. Whatever, reading that book is like reading sheer poetry. Here's what Ernest Hemingway said about the book. "......she has written so well, and marvelously well, that I was simply a carpenter with words....But she can write rings around all of us who consider ourselves as is really a bloody wonderful book."
2009-02-16 10:11:25
You're probably thinking about The Parent Trap, where she played twins...she was just a cute little kid to me when I was a youngster but later I saw her in the old Masterpiece Theatre series The Flame Trees of Thika and fell in love with her..that's a great story, by the way, based on Elspeth Huxley's wonderful book about going out to Kenya as a child and growing up there...Haley played Elspeth's mother
2009-02-16 09:34:47
That's why she looked so familiar! Can any of you remember the song she sung in one of her movies? I think it was the one where she had a sister. I thought it was really cute...with her British accent.
2009-02-16 07:16:19
It's the caption, Amigo.."Whistle Down the Wind," shot in Merry Olde waaaaay back in 1961, with Haley Mills and Alan Bates..
2009-02-16 06:07:40
The girl on the left appears to be a very young Haley Mills. What is the movie?