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Posted By:farhad

Old Comments:

2009-01-25 00:30:51
Not bad, farhad! You gave yourself nearly 2.000 votes with your selfvoting orgy JUST TODAY! Didn't you ever thought that there is a REASON why your pics were not voted popular BY OTHERS?? It is nothing personel but you are a self-righteous ASSHOLE! If other users don't vote for your boring wallpaper/postcard-pics you just do it for yourself! I hope you'll leave Pixdaus as soon as possible because you are an affront to ALL other HONEST uploaders here on this site! Shame on you, farhad!!
2009-01-24 18:30:27
Aha... farhad is upvoting his pics again!! Right now ALL pics with zero votes get upvoted in a row!! Just look in the "Pulse"-section and you can follow farhads great selfvoting obsession!