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Old Comments:

2009-09-06 06:00:21
No, Pixdaus search silly goose
2009-09-05 15:22:52
Google search I presume. Too powerful!, it's getting scary ;)
2009-09-05 15:20:10
Well since you like alleyways and France, it was assumed to be "right up your alley" so to speak. :) For web addresses, left click & highlight > right click & copy > then paste into address bar.
2009-09-05 14:43:48
I just did a search under 'Eguisheim' - two beautiful photos, one by you (I voted) and one by starboardside. It looks like a place I should visit. But, I'm sort of thinking of doing the famous pilgrimage Santiago de Compostela Camino in Spain next time I go to Europe.
2009-09-05 14:39:00
No, I didn't go there; I don't even know where Eguisheim is. Why are you supposed to bring that to my attention? I spent 12 days in Brittany and 18 days in Paris. Everytime someone leaves me a web address I never know what to do with it...I'm computer illiterate ;-)
2009-09-05 14:14:35
Great pic connie, it just reminded me that I was supposed to bring the following to your attention when you got back. Perhaps you went to Eguisheim, France