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Old Comments:

2010-12-21 10:05:14
Many thanks, Skip. That means alot... :)
2010-12-21 09:49:57
You didn't let anyone down Mary, we can't always join in on theme day, but we do it when we can, and just your presence is nice too. :)
2010-12-21 09:45:08
Just noticed Skip that you found this photo on CC. Shows then that I did not try hard enough to find photos. I apologize again for that... :( Glad that you could find some though from there, Skip... :)
2010-12-21 09:43:16
I feel like I've let you all down, particularly you, Luna. I found it very difficult to find photos to post for the theme, which is why you do not see any pictures posted by me this time round. I humbly apologize.... :(
2010-12-21 09:18:29
Thanks luna! I like how the raindrops almost look like tears coming from her eyes, and I liked your pics too, at first I was thinking what can I find for mondays, but it was kinda fun to have more of a challenge and everyone came up with some good pics!
2010-12-21 02:04:13
Love the shot, love the caption!