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Old Comments:

2008-12-27 10:10:43
VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE + + + + + VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE : For reasons of mutilation of the description under this photo, I feel under moral obligation to repeat the text here: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED and then while she was wiping away the cobwebs from her face Alice heard a little sniff, a sort of a giggle. Or, noo it was more a Anxiously she asked in a whispering way: Are you there my dear Little Red Riding-hood ? Was that Yes she heard ? As all kept still now, she carefully looked through the bushes and ooohh,
2008-12-02 02:29:21
Allright then, here you are: ... and then she saw a bear in a hammock reading a book. And because it was late and I want to finish she went home to sleep. The End
2008-11-29 00:05:58
For heaven’s sake ! No one ! That’s incredible !! It’s clear I think, isn’t it ? It’s free and without any obligation ! What else more !? A happy end !? Now last chance, as long as I don’t lost my temper. Final notice: daren’t ask it afterwards … I’ve warned you ! Oh my God !
2008-11-28 16:03:18
I’ll put my question in another way: does anyone want to know the sequel of this story ? In that case, leave simply a message (you must not be afraid my dears. I have already eaten …).
2008-11-28 02:33:02
Is there anyone who wants to know the sequel of this story ? For example: was she upset, what happened then, what happened to her, could she saved herself, how did she do it, and so on …?? In case you want to know what really happened, leave simply a message.