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2010-06-13 10:09:21
Caterpillar legs have a little extra part to help them grip the surface they are on, so it might not be what you think it is, aquafolium....
2010-06-13 02:33:05
its the legs on a caterpillar....duh!
2010-06-13 01:21:59
this is from a type of roses....
2010-06-12 20:01:07
I forgot to mention too that this picture comes from Flickr. I just put the caption and the photographer's name in Google search and found the info there..
2010-06-12 18:59:35
a spiked plant
2010-06-12 13:13:48
Where this picture comes from, some say it reminds them of Madonna. They look more like pencil tips to me....
2010-06-12 13:09:15
Reminds me of my first wife.