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Old Comments:

2008-12-25 06:59:51
An Irish ventriloquist went back to visit the 'Old Sod' and while strolling through the countryside he saw a farmer sitting on his porch with his dog. Thinking he'd have some fun he approached and asked the fellow if he could speak to his dog. "The dog doesn't talk," said the farmer. "How does this fellow treat you," asked the visitor."Well enough,"the dog seemed to reply. "He feeds me well, scrathes me head, and lets me sleep by the fire." The farmer was astounded. Just then the farmer's horse walked by and the visitor asked "How are you today, and how does this fellow treat you" "Quite well, thank you." the horse appeared to say. "He works me hard, but he rubs me down, feeds me oats,and lets me graze the new green grass down in the meadow." The old farmer was utterly flabbergasted. Then the visitor saw a sheep in a pen out behind the house, and asked if he could go speak with it. "Oh, No," said the farmer. "That sheep's a damned liar !"
2008-12-25 02:32:01
Know where virgin wool comes from? Sheep that can out run the shepherd !