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Old Comments:

2009-03-29 23:07:40
European leaders are generally very suportive of and eager to cooperate with Obama, but when it comes to putting troops on the ground they're faced with pretty strong public opposition. We presently have almost forty thousand soldiers in Afghanistan, and are about to send another seventeen thousand. The Brits have about eight thousand troops in Afghanistan, and the Germans a little under four thousand, but mostly in the relatively safe and stable northern parts of the country. It's another tough situation Obama has inherited from his predecessor. Everyone would like to just bring the boys home, but not many people believe it would be a good idea to allow the Taliban to take over again, which they almost certainly would if we pulled out.
2009-03-29 17:48:14
Political cartoonists are generally perspicacious and astute in defining the 'winds' of the times and popular opinions in their countries. At their best, they’re brilliant at depicting current events through caricatures and humour. As is true for all of us, also they may colour their ‘messages’ with their own political leanings and preferences, but in the main they take the middle political ground. If you want to study political public opinions in different nations, study the editorial cartoons in their top newspapers...
2009-03-29 14:35:12
Ha HA HA you are very funny. I was just pointing out how some of the European editorial cartoons are portraying the president of the U.S. When he strives so hard to make the U.S. just like Europe.
2009-03-29 14:27:49
Can you say "sour grapes". If you don't like the way America is run then leave the country. If Mr/Mrs A Bouts went to Russia the intelligence level of both countries would increase.