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Old Comments:

2009-02-17 05:20:16
Yes, well, that's the beauty of freelancing: I can take on projects as and when I want them or when the money runs out... ;-)
2009-02-17 02:36:22
You took a month off to go to Lapland; now you're taking a break for a few weeks!!! Maybe I should get out of retirement and do your job...lots of holidays there ;-)
2009-02-16 18:39:23
Hi there, Ladies! Been busy catching up with things at home, but now am taking a break from work for a few weeks and can be more 'social' again, to the consternation of those who don't like The Three Happy Little Lambs. ;-) You're both posting excellent pictures, as per usual...
2009-02-16 11:39:30
Hi Lilly, Im doin fine, but It's not daylight here I wish it were, its cold and snowy and nevermind, I wont go into it. You put up some beautiful pics tonight!
2009-02-16 11:26:46
Hay we are , passing in day light finally...hope all is well with you !