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Old Comments:

2009-02-04 14:00:03
If my memory is correct, either Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd, was giving a hard time to France re nuclear testing in the South Pacific. In retaliation, France's 'hush hush' military in the dead of night burnt their boat, while it was docked in New Zealand. Talk about violating New Zealand's space!
2009-02-04 13:28:11
Now that's good stuff right there!
2009-02-04 09:52:02
You may just be too subtle for me, bro.
2009-02-04 09:29:19
Patito, have you ever been fishing and catch the wrong fish? I lay out some easy bait [comments] for the little fish and you jump in the boat. LOL
2009-02-04 09:02:22
Terrorists? Come on, Abe..if those guys were terrorists they'd be throwin' grenades or molotov cocktails or something...they're throwin' rancid butter, for cryin' out loud! They haven't actually killed anybody or caused any serious injuries. There are international agreements about whaling and fisheries designed to protect endangered animals and prohibit over-fishing, but there's not a lot of enforecement beyond territorial waters..It's pretty easy for outlaw fishermen or whalers to get away with doing whatever they want to. So if Greenpeace and Sea Shepard are out there annoying people who are in violation of international agreements, more power to 'em.
2009-02-04 08:12:53
So he decided to behave like a terrorist? And start a terrorist type organization? Harassing fisherman and the likes?
2009-02-04 08:05:45
Greenpeace was founded by a former journalist, Paul Watson, of Vancouver, Canada. When he saw that Greenpeace was not making much advancement, he suggested using stronger measures. The group did not agree with him. So, he formed the Sea Shepherd along with others like minded.
2009-02-04 06:23:36
Boy, howdy - that's showin' 'em! With that awesome arc he has on that bottle, it's sure to hit the ship and 'splode with all that nasty smell -convincing the whalers once and for all to give up their dastardly trade. Seriously, though - it's much more of a PR stunt than anything else. It does seem like a poor use of resources to pursue animals whose populations are stressed at best when there are so many other alternative products. It's got to be mostly tradition that fuels the demand for whale products. For a darkly humorous take on all of this, Google "Harpooned game". For those who are challenged with discerning irony, the game is intended as a joke against the Japanese whaling industry, as they claim they are performing "scientific research."
2009-02-04 00:51:29
Oh! Now it makes sense. At first I thought Whale? Butter? Why throw it at a whaling ship? Wouldn't it be best thrown at a lobster boat?
2009-02-03 23:45:00
Jchip8 is correct ..that's whale's not something most people are familar with, though whale's milk is actually very high in butter fat and makes excellent butter. In fact, whale butter is considered a great delicacy in Japan, the very best grades selling for over 50,000 yen per kilo...( one US dollar is about 90 yen, so 50,000 yen is around 600 US $ ) ..whale cheese is similarly pricey...The reason for the high prices is, of course, the difficulties inherent in milking whales.First the Japanese whaleboys, as they're called,have to round up the whales into herds and move them into shallow water. The actual milking is tedious and difficult, requiring several days,so each night the whaleboys ride around the herd singing to the restless whales to keep them from stampeding. Some elite Japanese gourmet chefs even insist of products from free-range whales, and of course those are even more expensive since free-range whale milking is a very risky endeavor indeed.
2009-02-03 22:11:41
Certain butter's are a bi product of whales.
2009-02-03 21:48:21
Why rotten butter?
2009-02-03 21:24:38
That’s the Sea Shepherd, the “counterpart” of Greenpeace.