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Old Comments:

2009-06-21 06:29:44
Patito, Thank you! My family and I are doing well. I wish you and yours well too. Ted08
2009-06-16 01:47:37
Impeach him now. Romney-Palin in 2012! Bring integrity and honesty back to America!
2009-06-14 04:26:07
It's funny how our friends in Europe shifted measurably back to the right and center in the elections last weekend. They understand that you can't spend your way to prosperity. I just wonder how it feels to work at Ford. They cut, sacrificed and built the right kind of vehicles. Ford also didn't try to have a business model where they built the same car and sold it in competition with themselves through 4 competing brands. Now, their competition has the "full faith and credit" of the US government behind it, and regardless of what GM decides to do, Uncle O won't let them fail. Imagine the loans they can make. America in the 21st Century rewards the lazy, the inefficient, the politicized and the worthless (as long as they vote). Don't lose hope, Ford. Just remember the hugely profitable Nevada brothel they IRS seized for back taxes and ran it into insolvency! Only if Aesop were alive today!!!
2009-06-13 21:39:22
Well, Ted, I can't speak for the rest of the booger-eatin' liberal morons, but I personally am pleased that the new administration seems to have been able to avert the slide into total economic chaos and catastrophe, and pleased that there appear to be signs that the economy may be about to begin to's been tough, since a decade of conservative "leadership" and dismantling of marketplace regulations and protections left things in one hell of a mess..but I'm thankful that we've had the team we have working on solving these problems, and not the hopelessly, comically inept clowns the Republicans tried to foist off on us last year, who would have contnued to lead us further into the wilderness of de-regulation and dog-eat-dog laissez faire social darwinism that has characterized conservative ideology. Good to hear from you again, and hope you and your family are well, happy, and reasonably content.
2009-06-13 12:21:11
2009-06-13 12:11:42
Well... It's June 12, 2009. I wonder what you booger-eating Obama-voting liberal morons think of the situation now. Or are some of you still in denial?
2009-01-21 13:25:12
wow loved this until the posters comment. liberalism??? only conservative administrations give corporate welfare. the bail out is coming from republican (conservative) administration. wow ez to toss names huh. thru time you will see our gov gives far more in corporate welfare than welfare to its people..
2008-12-19 09:52:59
Patito, I think the National Democratic Party is run by and caters to the loopy left. And as for not having liberal friends and living in isolation, please. I have lived in New York, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Alabama, Texas, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Alberta, and British Columbia. I don’t consider myself well traveled, but I have been to five countries not including Canada. I spent 10 years earning three degrees in universities, authored several technical papers in peer reviewed journals, attended many technical conferences, and have lectured and taught courses. I have friends from all over the world. I’ve had conservative principles since I was 13 years old and I didn’t need Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter to teach me anything about being a conservative. And yes, I have come to understand liberalism as a mental disorder. And by liberalism, I mean the liberalism of the far left (e.g., San Francisco, Berkeley, Boulder values). The only democrat I ever voted for was John McCain, and that was only as a protest vote against the Bolshevik Obama. And I am vehemently opposed to the EPA holding companies accountable for waste practices that were perfectly legal and acceptable when they were performed. Nevertheless... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!
2008-12-18 11:59:00
RAH RAH RAH to the free Canucks. Seriously, if we try to deny freedom of expression, it just goes underground and can become dangerous.
2008-12-18 00:45:45
S Pig's comments are a perfect example of why we should, and must, permit free expression of opinion on this site, and everywhere else. When these nitwits are allowed to express themselves they expose the absurdity and utter lack of logic, reason or even common sense that characterizes their thoughts and beliefs. So load up and fire again, S Pig...every time you post a comment you make an even bigger jackass out of yourself.
2008-12-18 00:27:07
SEE! SEE WHAT OBAMA IS DOING!! I warned you of this. You "claim" that it is Bush. It is not. He is not making the real decisions. It is that foul DemonCrat Muslim. He is going to destroy us all.
2008-12-17 22:18:44
Note: whoever did delete Ted's comment should be ashamed of themselves...and I would urge Ted to re-post his comment...
2008-12-17 22:16:25
I promise you I did not delete your comment, Ted..I didn't even give it a negative vote, fact ( this may surprise you ) I found it interesting and thought provoking of the sacred principles of liberalism is freedom of expression, and whether you believe it or not I would, to paraphrase Voltaire ( a great liberal philospher, by the way ) defend to the death your right to freely express your opinions whether or not I agree with them...
2008-12-17 22:07:37
It's always fascinating to read descrptions of what liberals think and believe written by right-wingers...reminds one of drawings by medieval artists of African animals that the artists had heard about but never actually seen. Here's a little exercise for you, Ted..Make a list of the ten most liberal countries on would contain Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand..all countries with very robust economies whose citizens enjoy a very high degree of personal and political freedom...Then make a list of the world's most conservative countries...that would include Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and ask yourself where you would prefer to live ?
2008-12-17 21:29:46
Bush wants to bail them out, making it a conservative plan. The conservatives voted for zero oversite of banks, lending instatutions and every other company out there. That is why the economy tanked, failure to regulate the children that hold our money. With the Bush war, we don't have the money to bail ourselves out. He has produced one of the largest governments in our history, while driving the debt to record highs. Liberals to blame?
2008-12-17 13:13:21
Patito, Did you delete my comment? Someone did. That's sad.
2008-12-16 21:45:49
Right, Ted...let's let the auto industry fail and go bankrupt in the middle of what is already the worst economic crisis since the great depression...let's let tens , perhaps hundreds of thousands of workers loose their jobs when the un-employment rate is the highest it's been in decades..let's let the Asian and European car makers complelety take over the American car market...brilliant economic strategy there, Ted...and typical of conservatives...
2008-12-16 18:05:07
Wake up Ted08. Some rule are not for rich and you can only cry over it. Alternative is communism.