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Posted By:chick

Old Comments:

2008-04-28 06:20:06
I try to learn something every day...
2008-04-28 05:36:53
You might try doing that more often. (Just kidding! I just couldn't resist)
2008-04-28 05:08:00
It's been a good day -- I learned something new!
2008-04-28 04:53:50
Pink eveing primrose..a common roadside and meadow flower in the southern US..often called buttercup...
2008-04-28 02:44:56
You're probably right, although the evening primrose pics I found showed large, bright yellow flowers. On first glance at this picture, I saw one spot that appeared as though the flower might have been torn, and didn't notice there were four petals, and I thought the funnel was just small and obscured by the rest of the flower when viewed from this angle.
2008-04-28 02:12:27
Looks more like a species of morning glory to me.
2008-04-27 22:11:55
This is an evening primrose, a wildflower.