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Old Comments:

2010-05-01 09:18:56
We have some places here that are not pet friendly. But the block of flats where I live now, doesn't mind having cats. I own my flat, so that makes it much easier to own pets too. I don't have a landlord telling me that I can't do this and that which I'm very happy about. My cats help so much with my depression. They are great company and very loyal... :)
2010-05-01 01:36:40
I think you are lucky Mary. I do not know where rettareun is living, but I know that most all apartments here in the states do not permit animals. some will permit only one, very reluctantly at that.
2010-05-01 01:03:08
Very sweet and beautiful picture, Coy. Many thanks again for sharing. I live in a flat and have 2 cats living with me here... :-)
2010-05-01 00:46:39
So cute. Makes me want to move from this apartment, so I could get a Dog or Cat.