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Old Comments:

2010-02-26 15:34:46
you are serious ? you think we just be nice to explode he go away ? funny man, tell us more funny joke.
2010-02-26 14:38:18
I can see that the concept of "don't feed the troll", which the pic does, is something that just flies right over your head.
2010-02-26 14:17:37
Zumi, you have your head up your fundament.
2010-02-26 13:43:42
Congratulations, your post is just as stupid as the person you're attacking.
2010-02-26 05:49:05
...Emmette's comment reminds me of the story about the two immigrants, one an Irishman and the other a Frenchman, who were crossing the praries on their way to the California gold rush when they were captured by the Commanches. The Indians stripped them and tied them to stakes, and the chief stepped up and asked "white men have any last words before we scalpum, burnum at stake ?" The Irishman said "Go to the divil !" and spit right in the chief's face. The Frenchman said, "Mon ami, please, try not to provoke them !"
2010-02-26 01:39:19
Can't you people let things alone? Stirring things continually only makes things worse.