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Old Comments:

2009-07-01 23:33:24
Hello there...I've suspected for some time that you were our old friend Philip aka Popolov, and have wondered how long it would be before you showed your colors...for those of you who haven't been around here for very long, Flagstone ( aka Philp aka Popolov) is one of those fellows who believes that there's a Jewish Conspiracy to take over the world, that Hitler wasn't such a bad guy but was simply mis-understood, that the holocaust never happened,and that Churchill was a psychopath who, in cahoots with President Roosevelt, actually started the Second World War....Philip ( or Flagstone ..or Popolov ) isn't really a bad guy..he's actually a decent and sometimes amusing's just that his bullshit detector went out of whack several years ago and he's been unable to get it fixed....
2009-07-01 15:29:21
So, Patito, are you a CIA operative? Here is someone who has done some real research that tallies with my own analysis: "Talk about deja vu. Was I watching protests in the Ukraine this week? Or Georgia? It certainly looked like it. But, no, it was Iran. I knew because the colour was different. In Georgia in 2003 the colour was red, or 'rose', and in the Ukraine in 2004 it was orange. In Iran this week, it is green. Apart from that, the same modus operandi was playing out once again orchestrated by the usual suspects hiding in the shadows. Most people see events in terms of polarities. It is either/or and black and white. For example, you are either for something or against it. Yet rarely is any situation so polarised, so clear-cut, and unless we look at the shades of grey we are never going to see what is truly going on. To say the protests in Iran this week have been covertly manipulated by the United States, United Kingdom and Israel is not to say that I support the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or the 'Supreme Leader' dictatorship that really runs the country. Nor does it mean that I do not support the right of Iranian people to say what they feel about an election they believe to be rigged. But there is another story to tell here that involves American, British and Israeli intelligence and the billionaire financier and Obama backer, George Soros. This intelligence trio and Soros have a common connecting force: the House of Rothschild." Read the full article here: If I had $10 million to wager, I would bet you on its accuracy.
2009-07-01 09:08:05
Well, Flagstone..that's exactly what the ultra-conservative ayatollas who hold real power in Iran would like the people of the world to believe, and it's certainly what presdient Amadini-Jihad and the rest of his repressive administration would like the world to believe.....are you by chance on their payroll?
2009-07-01 06:47:55
This is a CIA-funded campaign.