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2008-11-02 09:15:17
Plans to demolish the Cyclorama building in December. If park officials say they are sticking to the plan, the attorneys representing a preservation group that has sued the park over the fate of the historic structure said they will file injunctions to halt the building's destruction. U.S. District Court Judge Alan Kay heard arguments from both sides in a Washington, D.C., courtroom on Thursday for the first time since the Recent Past Preservation Network filed the lawsuit in March 2007. The preservation group wants the 1961 building preserved and alleges that park officials did not fulfill their obligations to explore alternatives before deciding to demolish the structure. Kay said Thursday that the chance of the case being settled before the December demolition date is "remote." Park officials have said before that they would postpone demolition until the lawsuit is settled. But when Kay asked on Thursday whether the federal agency would hold off on taking action until a ruling is made, the park's attorney, Samantha Klein, said she would confer with her client. Kay then directed Klein to notify the court and the RPPN's attorneys within a week of the decision. After more than a year of filing documents and motions, Thursday's hearing was the first opportunity for both sides Advertisement to make arguments in front of a judge. Nicholas Yost, representing The Recent Past Preservation Network, said the park failed to explore the possibility of relocating the Cyclorama building despite the group's urging to do so. But relocation is possible, Yost said. The preservation group has identified two Gettysburg businessmen willing to lease property for the building and a structure-moving company that concluded relocation could be done using "dolly wheels and a grid of steel beams." "That's going beyond what plaintiffs should have to do," Yost said. "It is the government's job to come up with alternatives." At issue is the park's plan to restore Ziegler's Grove, the current site of the Cyclorama building and the former visitor center, to its 1863 Civil War appearance. More than 900 soldiers died there during the battle. Razing the 1961 building, designed by famous architect Richard Neutra, is part of that plan. Neutra's son, Dion Neutra, is also a plaintiff in the case.
2008-11-02 05:41:13
people got killed all time by different reason
2008-08-07 09:39:08
The link between these pictures used to be a URL...
2008-08-06 23:04:32
In 1944 they did it in foreign country, in 2001 they did it in their own country
2008-05-27 01:23:45
The link between these pictures is probably a color.
2008-05-19 20:55:38
Ah, I see....The Nazi's did it. Case solved.
2008-05-19 08:58:46
deja vu
2008-05-19 08:58:23
deja vu
2008-05-19 07:15:42
The message is that history keeps repeating itself.
2008-05-19 07:15:40
The message is that history keeps repeating itself.
2008-05-19 05:30:10
2001 and 1944, where is the Link?? To put these two Pictures together, what is the message?? The only thing is killing people!!!!!!!!!
2008-05-19 05:06:16
over 300.000 (three hundred thousand) people were killed by the germans in Warsaw uprising in 1944. The rest (around 500.000 were taken to the concetration camps.) This horror should not be compared to the WTC attacks.
2008-05-19 00:58:28
What's the message? I don't understand...
2008-05-18 23:30:34
How edgy and clever!
2008-05-18 21:12:10
g³upie to porównanie.
2008-05-12 21:37:59
I may agree with the sentiment, but the artist is either totally ignorant of history or the complexities of the different situations is beyond his comprehension.
2008-05-12 20:12:17
Agree with Dominik, this comparasion is worthless. Nevertheless; both occasions absolutely had their sad parts, suffering and so on...
2008-05-12 18:41:44
WTC? during Warsaw Uprising there was more victims every single day than in whole 9/11 terror attack. imagine 63 days of bigger terror.