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Old Comments:

2009-07-11 12:56:37
Yes, but when are you leaving? We need to get ready, find the pics, and then all be here for the party... y'know. Skip said she is going to Italy this summer, so perhaps we can combine the two parties? How's that for an idea? French-Italian party, and the OuiSi-ne will be great!
2009-07-11 12:34:59
Just joking - funny photos would be good ;-) I love a good laugh.
2009-07-10 10:38:59
OK, send us a list of what you want.
2009-07-10 10:27:43
Gifts would be good ;-)
2009-07-10 05:01:16
A Bon Voyage party! Everyone start hunting for appropriate departure pics!
2009-07-10 04:24:44
When are you leaving? Let's have a party to send you off on your wonderful holiday! I'll buy the champs and bake a cake, and let's see what others will do... C'mon folks, start planning and let's roll!
2009-07-10 04:07:28
Thanks Poppy. Part 2 Mongolia coming up ;-). Then I have only one more. After my trip, I don't think I'll have the time to search to put together more.
2009-07-10 03:27:46
Great series again, Connie!
2009-07-10 03:20:14
Photographer says: A featured part of the festivities will be the Cavalry Ride. The five-hundred-man cavalry is comprised entirely of soldiers and has been made possible thanks to cooperation from the Mongolian Ministry of Defense. As the cavalry emerges out of the grassland steppe in a cloud of dust, a fearsome spectacle is relived. The sight of the procession of soldiers marching in a straight line reminds us of Genghis Khan's mighty army.