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Old Comments:

2010-07-29 08:06:09
I thought this was maybe a weapon being implemented in the psychological warfare here at Pixdaus.
2010-07-28 10:59:03
A War About God And A War About Land A war about God and a war about Land The tragic loss of lives I do not understand A just war in truth is a damnable lie For in modern day conflicts many civilians do die Old hatreds they live on for centuries of years And gives rise to suffering and bloodshed and tears And every day of conflicts and wars we do hear of and read And despite what some say war to peace never lead The war supposed to end all wars was fought decades ago But that is a fallacy as we do know But with them it is never let bygones be gone Old hatreds in mistrust in them living on Another old hatred in conflict is raging today Where many innocents die in a Land far away. Francis Duggan
2010-07-28 10:51:55
-- I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask: 'Mother, what was war?' -- (Eve Merriam)