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Old Comments:

2008-08-26 22:14:57
My Dear Friend, if you believe that the animals we eat are "gently euthanized" you have clearly never spent any time around the livestock industry. If you are a vegetarian, then your argument is valid and consistent. But if you eat meat, cheese, butter, yogurt or drink milk then you are simply a hypocrit.
2008-08-26 22:06:24
Patito -Imagine you grew up happy and unmolested as a child -you lived a carefree life. When suddenly you were sentenced to death. Would you want to be gently euthanized or taunted, terrorized and tortured to death. -stuck with spikes left bleeding with no hope of escape until you were stuck through with a sword. What a glorious end! Let's bring back the gladiatorial games and let Patito be the first victim in the ring.
2008-08-26 18:46:58
go bull ! horns in balls !
2008-06-26 04:45:59
aawwww...i can be your little buddy! sweet.
2008-06-26 00:08:01
Thanks, Little Buddy..even though you are typically a nerdy little smart-ass twerp, you do display a fairly keen intellect sometimes, as well as some evidence of exposure to the educational process....of course,I could be wrong, but I sometimes find myself believing there is reason to hope that you may eventually evolve into a normal human being.
2008-06-25 22:55:52
i have to say potato, even tho you are a pompous ass, you are totally on the money with this one.
2008-06-25 02:37:33
Note: it is not a fight, despite the English word for it...nor is it a sport, or a is a dramtic performance.
2008-06-25 01:02:06
i wouldn't even call it a fight: the bull is already stabbed and left to bleed for a while.. then, once weakened he is disoriented by men, and then, once he is already agonizing comes the 'ultimate macho', the matador, who comes all fresh and protected with his lanzas and picas. how can this even be considered a fight? is the man naked and with no more weapons than his own body? is the bull in full conditions? embarrassing human stupidity. once again, ashamed.
2008-06-24 20:37:04
Just to play Devil's Advocate: imagine that you are a little bull calf and you have the choice of the three 'vocations' from which bull calves must choose. The first and by far the best career choice would be that of a stud bull on a stock farm or dairy farm..but only a few such positions are available's far more likely that you'll be castrated while still a calf, allowed to grow up intil you are a year or two old, fattened up in a feed lot, then led to the slaughter house where you'll be killed by a steel bolt to the brain and then converted into steaks and roasts and hamburger meat..a pretty sad fate..but suppose there was a third alternative: to live free and un-molested in a beautiful pasture until you reached your full strength and power, then be given a chance, in a brief moment of glory, to avenge the enslavement of your race by impaling one of your oppressors on one of your great sharp horns ? And it would be a pretty good chance..bull fighting is extremely dangerous...even the great Manolete was killed by a bull at the peak of his prowess as a would you choose ? Please note: I'm not a fan of the corrida, and if one is a vegetarian one can take a reasonable position againt it without engaging in hypocrisy..but anyone who has been around the livestock industry can tell you that it involves a good bit of fear and torment and suffering inflicted on the animals, often as much if not more than does the corrida....just something to think about.
2008-06-24 20:10:23
could not agree more Popolov. The men are there by choice. The animals have none. Bullfighting needs to end. The majority of the Spanish public is opposed to it. It is only kept around by those in power to support tourism. So if you travel Spain, stay away from the bullfights.
2008-06-24 16:12:22
Well, it looks as though it went in a long way. That's the price he had to pay for making a game of tormenting a bull to be slaughtered. My entire sympathies are with the poor animals.