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Old Comments:

2010-06-28 10:48:59
Will the IDIOT twhanna (one-comment wonder) realize that those comments by A Bouts and I were more than a year ago. Geez, I miss A Bouts; he was a lot of fun. I'm sure you miss him used to enjoy having 'disagreements' with him ;-)
2010-06-28 10:32:21
Will you MORONS learn to take your Twitter conversations some where else! ... or am I talking to a grade 8 class??
2009-11-23 15:00:17
Whats your arguing got to do with this specific photo? I though there was gonna be a discussion of a sort, and for the sake of it I think its not cruel toward animals its the ultimate bond with them.
2009-02-12 04:04:19
Hi blank - thanks for your explanation. I hate being made out to be a liar.
2009-02-12 04:01:10
AGAIN I REPEAT what I said in previous comments: 1) 'Site Improvement' sent a message via a comment to tell me to register. I did not want to as I was required to provide an e-mail address. I think 'Site Improvement' was actually a poster. 2) I later tried to register to see if I could without providing an ema-mail. I couldn't even get to 1st base - even if I did provide my e-mail address. 3) I have no idea as to why I can vote like a premium user. I suspect that there is a glitch, and that I am registered. 4) If you can figure out what the problem is, please let me know. I would be glad to show as 'connie is a registered user'; not because I care, but to make you happy A Bouts. It's a polite way of saying ' get you off my back ;-)
2009-02-11 22:35:32
Interesting. How did you become a premium user without registering you nickname? When I click on my name I get "A Bouts is a registered user. A Bouts is a premium user." And when I click on yours I get "Voting power: 1 Vote for connie coming soon Friends of connie: coming soon This nick is not registered. You can register it now, while someone else has not done it before you.
2009-02-11 22:11:19
Tsk tsk A Bouts - I am a premium user, and my vote counts as 3.
2009-02-11 21:24:57
In life we all have choices. You chose not to become a premium user. We all pleaded with you to become one, we all told you how you could get a temporary e-mail address to sign up with. So now, given every opportunity, should others be reduced to your level when you chose not to elevate yourself? That's one of the problems in the world today. So many people say life is not fair because people have less than others. And then they want to take away from the haves to give to the have nots. So when I choose to work and earn should I have my earnings taken from me and given to those who choose not to work. I say that is what's really not fair.
2009-02-11 16:42:02
I would be very happy if we just had the opportunity to make a comment about the photo. All the premium posters' votes count as 3, and that's silly. It should at least be one person one vote; it's more democratic.
2009-02-11 12:28:15
The million dollar queston connie, they downvote good photos all the time, This place is very competitive or they just decide they don't like someone for any ole reason. but I keep thinking without the votes nobody would come here and just browse through the pictures.
2009-02-11 12:17:22
Why would someone downvote this photo?! I have this photo and it's beautiful. It's a memorial for the marine dogs who died in the line of duty in Guam in 1944.