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Old Comments:

2011-09-28 00:40:56
Thanks Connie. It's a shame that people feel the need to act that way... :(
2011-09-27 20:48:20
Don't bother PictureGirl. There is a sickoo on this site who seems to take pleasure on the nicest. Some evil people cannot stand goodness; it drives them crazy.
2011-09-27 07:03:49
I've noticed after awhile that someone downvotes my comment with a -1 vote. Why are you doing this ? Have I upset you at some stage ? Don't hide behind your vote. Please tell me what I've done, if that's ok with you.....
2011-09-27 05:34:49
Not sure what happened there. I thankyou for the vote, Connie. Hope the problem you have with that fixes itself up soon...
2011-09-27 05:33:40
Many thanks, Connie. You said it well, a perfect compromise.... :)
2011-09-27 05:30:34
That's weird - you only got one when I voted, instead of 3.
2011-09-27 05:29:51
Excellent PG! A perfect solution to your dilemma 'to post or not to post' photos of rooms. A perfect compromise!