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Old Comments:

2011-09-28 21:30:14
I got it - it's a weasel! ;-)
2011-09-28 08:49:17
Clearly an critter "manufactured" with the computer. The front end is that of a rodent, such as a mouse, and the back end is an elooooooooongaaaaaated version of another animal, probably from the Mustelidae family.
2011-09-28 01:17:03
I might be a ferret - more so than a mink
2011-09-28 01:00:41
It looks like a ferret to me, but of course, I could be wrong about that....
2011-09-27 21:03:08
I could not put under tag the name of the animal because I don't know. Anyone does - maybe a mink - or?
2011-09-27 04:37:28
BING BANG BONG! eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk