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Posted By:furbie

Old Comments:

2008-10-16 18:02:28
Great capture! It`s not about suicide, only a sicko could see that, geesh... It`s about life and that road of what it`s made of. Like in `life is a train with lots of railway stations`. So nice, Furbie! ;)
2008-10-16 17:51:32
i think it's quite nice and it doesn't refer to suicide, morelike it forwards a "think green" idea (against train pollution) :)). cool, furbie ;)
2008-10-16 05:15:31
Nobody has said it, but I will. The picture is negatively inspired, as it glamorises suicide, and therefore should be flagged as inappropriate. It is unfortunate enough that people commit suicide, and a crime that others glamorise the process. Shame on you Furbie!