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Old Comments:

2010-03-11 18:15:33
I used to live up by Heber Utah when this train ran from there to Bridal Veil Falls down Provo canyon.I moved from there in 1997 and at that time they had quit running it.As a kid it used to be quite a site to hear and see that old steam locomotive climb up and down the Provo River and Provo Canyon. Does anyone know if it is back in operation now?
2009-12-23 07:43:06
Such a good picture skip. It triggers many good childhood memories of holidays with my family
2008-12-12 03:56:19
Beautiful photo. Look out the images posted for me drum
2008-08-03 10:45:02
1953 Buick
2008-08-02 21:36:23
Thanks, I really like trains and it was so hot here last night, this one was looking especially good to me ; )
2008-08-02 19:40:32
nice one skip!
2008-08-02 17:17:29
Yeah, indeed!
2008-08-02 10:42:25
Great picture, Skip!