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Posted By:COY

Old Comments:

2010-04-19 12:15:46
I liked what you said about requiring them to give an explanation for the downvote, that might stop it :) This is just my theory, but I believe there are people who have what they call proxy votes, which is the ability to just keep voting, and I think if they ever do change the system here, we will see a lot less downvoting, there will always be people who don't like cat pics or landscapes or whatever, but they won't be able to keep voting them down over and over, one thing that makes this proxy voting obvious to me, is in the comment section, if someone like explode says something and no one agree with him, you will see everyone eles comments voted down by about fifteen or more votes, I can't believe anyone else is voting for explode, so I think he can vote numerous times, unlike the rest of us, and there is another user who has always been angry sometimes called patito sucks, and the same thing happens with his comments, he always get lots of plus votes and everyone who talks back to him is voted way down. So I think the best thing would be for every user to only have one vote, or maybe no downvote button, but I'm still wondering if this will ever happen, we've been waiting a long time.
2010-04-19 08:56:20
I forgot to mention the fact that if three or four Premium users ( with a voting power of three) were to down-vote a picture that they would put the picture so for down that it would take many, many plus votes to ever get it into the popular level..I think some people are influenced by seeing a photo so voted down that they may be reluctant to vote it up.
2010-04-19 07:45:55
Thanks for the comments skip. I agree with all that you have said.I do not think much of down-voting. In fact I do not like it at all the way it is set up now.I do not down-vote. If I do not like it I simply leave it alone. Some peaple are using down-voting to help themselves. I think that in the new platform, if and when we ever go there, it would be a good idea to require that a down-vote be accompanied by a comment and that all could see who the person was that made the down-vote. I will bet you anything that this procedure would stop ninety percent of the down-voting.
2010-04-19 05:56:24
I would like to mention that I noticed the other day someone commenting on pictures like the one jujuba posted of children walking to school being voted down, and they said that people here prefer kittens or flowers, well I like all different kinds of pics, I think it depends on who the voters are when you post because I have had so many pics of flowers and kittens or puppies voted down, but lukily, they usually get the votes later.
2010-04-19 05:39:18
I just voted, and it's gone already sorry!
2010-04-19 05:38:10
Coy, I had to comment on this one, a cuteness overload!..third from the right is my fave.