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Old Comments:

2009-05-19 11:20:25
I asked you first!!!!!!!!!! Wunce you answer the questions I will go and ask those you think cheet.
2009-05-19 06:16:47
Ask the cheaters: "Do you gets anything from votes? Is there a prize for most votes? Do votes change qualatee of pics?"
2009-05-19 04:22:55
Not kid talk for me. It is dislexia. Thank yu for making fun uf me.
2009-05-19 04:21:07
if four fun then wy do you kare soo much?
2009-05-19 04:20:24
it does not matter why. Do you gets anything from votes? Is there a prize for most votes? Does someone else selfvoting affect your pics? Do votes make you like or dislike a pic? Do votes change qualatee of pics?
2009-05-19 03:22:47
Wy will not answer the question? Many times you have been asked wy votes are so importent, but you never answer. Wy not?
2009-05-18 20:40:54
2009-05-18 20:38:45
just for fun...
2009-05-18 19:45:07
p.s.: and wy do we have a voting system than??
2009-05-18 18:55:16
@little baby: thatz gud questionz! U azk me but U shuld azk the cheaterz: wy are votes so importent? Do votes make a pic better? 2 questionz for U: wy do cheaterz than vote for their own pix??? Wy do U support what they do?
2009-05-18 04:44:59
All the crying about cheaters does seem rather infantile, doesn't it?