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Old Comments:

2010-04-17 22:45:38
...ah, there's that. It was a good place to meet guys, too. ;-) I especially liked university libraries.
2010-04-17 22:25:32
Yep, that's all true about the internet...wonderfull place.....but the library was a great place to meet chicks !
2010-04-17 22:06:06
You’re welcome, Gabrielle. – I just got lucky, I guess. ;-) I quite frequently surf in EnvironmentalGraffiti and I remembered seeing volcano pics there. Clicked the Env.Graffiti logo at top right corner here in Pixdaus, wrote ‘volcano’ in the EG search bar, and on the resulting list found the title “20 Most Incredible Volcanic Satellite Images” on page 2, and this volcano was number 8 on that list. Once I had the name of the volcano, I wrote “mount egmont, nasa” in google for a pic search and the 1st pic was a hit already. – You should visit EnvironmentalGraffiti, they have some really cool and interesting ‘stuff’ there. Don’t you just love the Internet? – no more endless hours of sitting in libraries to do research…we have the whole world at our fingertips.
2010-04-16 12:39:42
Thank you Poppy. Very clever to locate it so specifically - how do you do it? I trawled nasa with no luck at all.
2010-04-15 18:25:33
Mount Egmont / Mount Taranaki, New Zealand
2010-04-15 18:15:08
Visited Nasa but could not find this pic. It is snowy topped surrounded by orderly fields is it perhaps Fuji. Can anyone out there tell where it is? Cumulo Nimbus do you know?
2010-04-13 12:59:10
Amazing photo - is there a patchwork of fields all about it? Any idea of just where this is? Indonesia, Philipines?