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Old Comments:

2009-03-27 13:38:28
They come with a special purpose and they leave with a special place in our hearts. Thanks for sharing.
2008-10-20 04:52:55
Just lost my beloved Vizsla, Nova, aged 15.5 yrs and your picture brought back some lovely memories of her. What a lovely picture.
2008-10-19 13:05:55
If Vista had darker hair, that pic could be my dog... We're going to have to make a real hard decision about him soon.
2008-10-19 12:02:00
I posted a picture of my dog Blaze when she passed away also. It was wonderful to get so many comments with suport. You were lucky to have Vista in your life and he will always be with you in your heart.
2008-10-18 16:57:29
La tristesa es veu molt ben reflexada en la cara d'aquest animal.