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Old Comments:

2010-04-01 08:29:23
Not surprising - I think Grant MacDonald is a good photographer - he has the 'eye' for it.
2010-04-01 07:15:30
thats what I meant -natures arrangement - but the photographer is the one that chose just this area of the wall and leaves to create the arrangement-
2010-03-31 08:25:58
BTW, very beautiful photo, Connie.. :)
2010-03-31 08:25:18
That would be nature's arrangement, wouldn't you think ? :)
2010-03-31 02:18:37
Do you think they were arranged? I thought those clinging vines were just doing what they normally do ;-) Mind you, I wouldn't be surprises; I think photographers sometimes go to great length to get their 'perfect, photos.
2010-03-31 02:03:36
a simple arrangement of leaves - very beautiful