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Old Comments:

2010-08-01 20:38:54
Would it not be better to show the sites where the authors photos are and then post? None of all you posted give the sites. Just who are slav, you're not new here.
2010-08-01 17:59:51
Good point...but I figure that should provide the name at the onset. I find it bizarre that they don't. Also, I'm finishing off posting photos on Pixdaus that I had not planned on uploading, and I just I just wanted to add some recent photos from photoforum in the mix...and I loved those two (mossy trail and village). This photo reminds me of the village I was born and raised - in Central Canada. The mossy trail reminds me very much of the parks around Vancouver...where I now live.
2010-08-01 17:21:10
Who are you?
2010-08-01 17:20:36
Leo Tolstoy.
2010-08-01 17:19:58
I did and you are right. I posted from today, but I selected pictures through 'categories' and today's date, and no matter which category I picked, all author names were there. I apologize for my statement, but would it not be better to wait till the author name is revealed and then post?
2010-08-01 16:43:06
SLAV - I suggest that you go to, then click on 'new photos' then 'all sections last 7 days'. On page 3, you will see a photo of a falcon. For photographer it says "hidden till Wed 4 Aug 2010".
2010-08-01 16:27:37
Who are you Slav? I am rather certain that you have another more familiar name that the rest of us are more familiar with. Your very recent photo uploads and comments indicate to me that you are far from a new user of Pixdaus.
2010-08-01 14:17:48
Where I did go wrong is that I forgot to add "TITLE & photographer not indicated". When I post photos from blogs, many times there are no title, so I make one up and add "my own caption" or "my own title".
2010-08-01 14:10:19
When I got the photo it did not have a title and it said the name was not given until 28.07.10; it was the same for a few more photos. I found that odd, but that is what it said. I have another photo by Doriti R and that one indicated the name and has a title. If I remember correctly it was a contest, and maybe the names were being withheld until 28 July. The address was ?? Anyways, after 28 July I did try to do back but could not find the place.
2010-08-01 14:02:38
Photo by Doroti R. always gives the author names.