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Old Comments:

2010-06-28 18:32:25
Here violate copyright, you can not use a picture of someone without their consent for this.
2010-06-28 00:48:40
dude, you sound like you're totally off your rocker
2010-06-27 23:36:55
Technically speaking,pictures suggest they are well made,they can fit on a theme or style of commercial advertising,they are rigged, stacked,a scenario that often is not tied with atmosphere,...If the falling quality of ladies fake breasts,let me to doubt that this is art ...But you did as you know, your method, with all due respect, you dishonors.
2010-06-27 22:41:36
With all due respect, Beautifier, I fail to see how this treatment improves or beautifies what was a fairly decent photograph. Part of the original photo's interest was the carnival seeting, and the man's two birds, and all that is obscured here. It looks like what happens when you take a camera out of a cool air-conditoned house or car into the warm and humid outdoors.
2010-06-27 21:57:33
This is my answer to tudor's statement about beauty.
2010-06-27 14:01:58
That's interesting! How did you do that?