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Old Comments:

2010-03-01 05:19:02
Tal vez, pero yo creo es pequena la probabilidad. Vivo en un isla en el Golfo de Mexico. Yo soy gringo viejo, pero es muy cerca mi corazon Mexico y las otras culturas Latino Americano. Muchas gracias para las palabras simpatico.
2010-02-28 17:35:19
Another great photo Cuauhtemoc and I added it to my favorites. I have to wonder, where are you from? I live in California but have spent lots of time in Central America and in Mexico. Your photos really seem to bring out the colors and character of the Central American region. Perhaps my comments will work the same magic on this photo that they did with the Guatemalan one.
2010-02-28 05:37:21
Sad. So sad. Straight into the eyes, looking at the other, in front of her, who is catching her by picture. And saying him by the way of her gaze: "Yes, I know and you are watching it -, I am at the end/at the bottom of my life. Yes, my end is near. No word can say what my life has been difficult, what my life has been hard. No word. To you to understand in my eyes, I am offering to you, my soul. My whole soul. My whole life."