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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2010-02-15 08:56:13
Look it up on Google Earth. That's one tiny end of a larger island. The house is about a mile or two from the airport. It looks like the photo was taken from a plane on the approach to the airport having two intersecting runways. They are a few miles from the yacht club and marina in Vestmannaeyjabaer. Looks beautiful, but not quite as isolated as the photograph makes it appear.
2010-02-14 23:50:16
well, i think people like you should stay at home
2010-02-13 05:00:15
Heilsa ! The Vestmann ( Westman ) Islands are in the middle of nowhere, is cold enough to freeze the boltis off a billy goat, wind blows fifty miles an hour all the time , and makes mainland Iceland look cosmopolitan in comparison. Paradise? Hah! There's a reason Iceland has one of highest rates of per capita alcohol consumption on planet !
2010-02-13 04:00:29
And now, everybody would like to go there, and it won't be a paradise anymore xD
2010-02-13 04:00:03
And now, everybody would like to go there, and it won't be a paradise like before xD
2010-02-11 19:49:06
I I lived there, I'd have plenty of time to photograph every blade of grass, every wave, every ship that pasted by. and every crack in the rocks.
2010-02-10 22:32:42
Isolation in Iceland...I'd have to have a helicopter to live there.