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Old Comments:

2008-10-22 03:34:07
it's all a silly joke. French Special Forces would kick anyone's ass but us Americans love to make fun of the French for historical reasons.
2008-10-21 08:41:56
French intelligence agencies came to the same conclusions as did German and Italian services. Yes, the same WMD conclusions that the US relied on. And yes, it's been showed that the French were complicit in the OFF scandal.
2008-08-15 07:31:58
It seems that a number of posters are still angry at the French for not joining the US in Iraq. Now, which country would you say made the intelligent choice . . . uh . . . that means the "smart" choice
2008-05-13 10:49:00
It looks like a US M-18 57mm recoilless rifle, it is a clever way of transporting the weapon. It is to be dismounted before use. The M-18 was light enough to be fired from the shoulder.
2008-03-29 10:43:20
Well, someone can't read the signs.
2008-03-29 07:55:53
I've been to this tank museum in Saumur and the rule is no pictures.
2008-03-29 07:55:12
Yea, but the barrel is pointed in the wrong direction.
2008-03-29 07:40:17
lmao craigo
2008-03-28 23:41:10
lol Craigo
2008-03-28 18:00:40
Does it fire white flags at the enemy?
2008-03-28 10:41:03
What job ?
2008-03-28 06:29:00
Folks, This is actually a pretty clever and cheap way of being able to quickly haul around a bit of relatively heavy fire power. As the French economy recovered after WWII they moved on to better and more specialized systems. This one however cheap and amusing it might look, did the job they needed it to for its time.
2008-03-27 23:50:05
I bought a French army rifle- never been fired and only dropped once
2008-03-27 23:18:07
my b@lls hurt just thinking about it