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Old Comments:

2011-07-13 18:56:18
I was just teasing you PIctureGirl. The owlet is not dead - just comotose.
2011-07-13 15:53:39
Compromise: a third owl is dead serious. :)
2011-07-13 07:50:11
My eyelashes are perfectly still when I look at that owl and he/she is moving his/her eye. I'm sure of that. I don't think that the owl is dead at all. That is awful about the dead chickens. I wouldn't like to see that... :(
2011-07-13 06:52:38
That's just an illusion - distorted reality PictureGirl. That owl is 100% dead. If you see that dead owl blink, it's actually your eyelashes reacting to the strangeness of a dead owl being moved around by the live owls. However, it could be like when you make dead a chicken. After you chop its head, it bounces around for a while (the nerves, don't ya know). Trust me, it's true - I grew up on a farm. My maman was not allowed to chop chop until I and my brother arrived to place bets on how many times the dead chicken would bounce.
2011-07-13 00:52:50
If you look closely Connie, you'll see that all the owls move, either their eyes or their head. The owl you spoke of, if it is the one 3rd from the right, winks his right eye once or twice.... :)
2011-07-12 21:38:54
I think the third owl is either dead with the others propping him up OR he's sound asleep ;-)